Having been born in 1958 in Karlsruhe, photography came into my life relatively late. But I have
  always had a good eye for pictures, ever since watching the first cinema films as a young girl. I was
  very impressed by the language of pictures in films by David Lean and Stanley Kubrick. But this did
  not yet lead me into photography at the time.

  Only when my son was born (in 1988) did I realise that with a camera, I could capture moments
  which would never come again. I greatly enjoyed photographing, and had a good sense for special
  moments, but was not yet aware of an extreme passion for it.

  Early in 2000, I attended a poetry recital. The delivery and voice of the reciter brought the poems
  home to me in a wondrous way, such – I felt – I had never heard them before. I was able to dream
  my way into the poems and create pictures in my imagination.



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